I have quite a passion for music, and I recently went to the market to look for new earphones. I am quite picky with what I use and I have used JVC Gumy Air earphones for a few years before recently, I have recently received a set of Purple Sound AD002 earphones. I thank Purple Sound for supplying these.


I had my doubts when I first received the earphones, as I am not fond of these kind of earphones, but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality for them are high end, and very deep in bass. The packaging says that they are made for Android phones, and it stays true to the word, with a specialised app for Android devices.

The one problem I had was with the button on the headset. I personally use the Play Music service when I listen to music on my phone, and while the app allows you to program the only button on the earphones, the app that opens by default is the regular music player built into Samsung devices. This could easily be fixed by myself using the app to change the default, but if this was already set, my life would be easier.

The other point of interest is the “Non-Tangle” persona, which works really well, as the wire is completely flat and really useful. The jack covering is also a nice touch, as it is covered, and then extra covered on the side for safe removal.

Overall I fully recommend these earphones, for the price of £40, they are really good quality, and while higher priced devices would no doubt be better, these do their job perfectly well and does everything they say on the box.

If you would like more information on these earphones, including pricing, please check out Amazon.