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The Magic Numpad from Mobee Technology is a brilliant addition to any Apple trackpad. The Numpad is a decal that covers the entirety of your trackpad and once you have installed the software on your mac, it turns into a powerful Number Pad that can be activated at a touch.

The package comes with 3 different decals you can use on your trackpad. It also comes with accessories that allow you to apply the covers successfully. It also comes with a code for the software that you download from Mobee’s website.

The software setup was pretty simple, all you have to choose the decal that you applied and you are set. The Numpad, once activated is very responsive and is very easy to use. Typing in numbers is a breeze and you can also use your trackpad whilst the overlay in on top.


You can also customise a few buttons on the decals so you can perform specific tasks quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Overall the Magic Numpad for Mobee Technology is a very good addition to any Apple Trackpad out there. If you need the number pad or you’ve recently switched from Windows it’s great to turn your your existing peripherals into something else. This also means that you don’t have to purchase the wired Apple keyboard and sacrifice your wireless setup.

You can buy the Magic Numpad from mobeetechnology.com, or from Amazon.