Having a love of music as much as I do, I keep my eye out for the best earphones around on the market. I came across a company called Klipsch who were more than happy to provide me with their S3m model earphones, I cannot thank them enough for this.

20130905_175342When I had these, I found them to be very useful and very nice in looks and feel within the ears. The red colouring is very nice and vibrant, but isn’t too extreme to the eye compared to other sets of earphones.

The sound quality was good, with all areas of sound levelled out, most noticeably the lack of bass, but this became a problem for me over time as I was missing out on key parts of the songs I listened to while using them.

Another problem is the app that you can use with the earphones. It is very basic and seems a bit dated compared to the earphones colour and appearance. The app is also fairly confusing and I ended up not using it in the end.

A selling point for these is that they can work on any device, which they do, and very well! I used them with my Galaxy S3, my iPod Nano 3rd Gen and my desktop computer, and the sound was the same throughout all three.

One other problem I found was the button attached to the microphone was default set to the Samsung music player, I would have preferred this to be linked to the Play Music app, but that is something that I could no doubt change in the app.

Overall I would recommend these to anyone that has music around them on a constant basis, i.e. musicians or studio recorders, as these are specialised to amplify every part of a song rather than making it bass heavy, but they work perfectly well in a normal living environment. For more information on this and any other product from Klipsch, please visit http://www.klipsch.com/