The Lumia 925 is well put together and features an aluminum and soft touch plastic construction that makes the phone feel great in the hand and pretty solid. It has fantastic build quality and there isn’t much give in the phone.


The right side of the phone is where you will find the volume buttons, lock button and a dedicated camera button. On the back is a 8-megapixel PureView camera that takes great photos and videos and performs well in low-light, but I’ll touch on that later.


On the top of the phone, you’ll find the oddly placed Micro-SIM slot, Micro-USB port for charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack that fits most headphones and a noise-cancelling microphone.

The front of the phone features a large 4.5-inch 768 x 1280 resolution AMOLED screen that looks great and produces colours accurately. Above that is where you will find a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. Below the screen, you’ll find 3 backlit touch sensitive buttons, a back key, a Windows Key and a Search key.


The device has a large screen, but it’s quite slim so it’s pocketable. Compared to it’s predecessor, the Lumia 920, it’s a lot lighter and thinner.

Inside you’ll find a dual core Qualcomm 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Windows Phone runs smoothly on these specs and games or apps didn’t lag at all.

The battery life of the handset was good. I got a days worth of battery life on light usage on a single charge, but if you play a lot of games, or take a lot of pictures, expect it to decrease.



The Lumia 925’s  camera is one of the best smartphone cameras I’ve ever used. It performs well in low-light and takes pretty good images and 1080p video.

One of the bundled apps, Nokia Smart Cam, takes full advantage of the camera. It takes a sequence of images and allows you to choose the best one. You can remove motion from a photo and choose a photo where everyone is smiling. It’s pretty cool and works quite well. However, thanks to the PureView unit, the photos that the 925 take are over saturated, but that can be fixed with some quick Photoshop work.


The device runs Windows Phone 8 which a pretty solid operating system. The animations are smooth and the live-tiles come in handy if you are checking your phone quickly. The selection of apps for Windows Phone is growing, but very slowly. Big developers aren’t putting their apps on the platform, but you’ll find third-party apps that work just as well.


Nokia have bundled some of their apps onto the phone, HERE Maps and HERE Drive+ are as good as the equivalents that you find on iOS and Android.

Notifications are still annoying to manage and the fact that you can’t quickly access settings is quite disappointing.

The screen has pretty good viewing angles and is quite bright even on the lowest setting.

Calling and texting works great and I had no dropped calls during my time of testing.



Overall the Nokia Lumia 925 is one of the best Windows Phone Handsets you can get. It has a great screen and the camera performs well. It’s one of the best built phones I’ve ever tested and it looks beautiful. Windows Phone does have it’s drawbacks, but it’s getting better. The only drawback of the device is the lack of apps, but every Windows Phone has that problem.