Smartphones are designed by the companies that make them, but Dutch designer Dave Hakken wants to change that. Phoneblocks is a concept, but its the kind of innovation that tech giants should be pursuing.

Hakken’s idea is simple. Why buy a brand new phone every two years – and throw your old one away – when you could upgrade certain parts of your phone to make it as good as new.

Phoneblocks is made up of 3 layers. A motherboard, a display and an assortment of components. The battery, camera and processor can be easily removed and upgraded to fit your needs. Sort of like LEGO, but more electric.

Phoneblocks is a cool idea, but Hakkens hasn’t revealed any explanation for the engineering behind the concept. Big tech companies like Samsung and Apple spend years organising and designing the insides of their devices, so how can one designer make this concept real?

Hakkens is currently more focused on getting the word out than actually funding the project. This isn’t a crowd-sourcing campaign. Instead, it’s a Thunderclap. A service that allows users to login in with their social-media accounts and schedule a post to be sent out on October 29th. If more than 50,000 supporters sign up, his goal for the campaign, maybe the industry may just take notice and make Phoneblocks a reality.

Via: Thunderclap