BlackBerry Messenger, the extremely popular messenger service is now available for iOS devices, with Android soon to follow after a short delay.bbm_mast-610x358

The reason for the delay to Android devices, which was due to be released at 7am ET is due to a leaked version of the apk, which was incomplete and had a few issues at hand with it. However this was no problem to the 1.1 million active users that downloaded it within the first 8 hours of release.

While BlackBerry are happy at the amount of users that took this initiative, they are not happy that the app managed to be leaked so early, and have disabled the program and all its users to make a fix before release.

The only downside from this is that there is no new release date set, with BlackBerry only saying “When it’s available”  and have asked possible users to visit or follow them on Twitter at