What can I say about The Stanley Parable? Firstly, it’s a game, but it’s not a game. It gives you a choice, but it gives you no choice, but one thing is certain, while confusing, it is very fun to play.


The game, made into a full incarnation that was transformed from a Half Life 2 mod of the same name, is designed to enthral the player with a story, but it always gives you multiple choices, so you can easily stray of the beaten path to play a different story in your own rules.

The game lets you take on the role of Stanley, a normal guy that works a dead end job pressing buttons that he is told to on his workstation. This is pretty normal life for him, and the narrator makes clear that he wouldn’t have it any other way. That is until one particular day where he finds out a lot more about his role, and why he is there doing what he does.

The Stanley Parable is designed by the brilliant team at Galactic Cafe, and is spearheaded by Davey “Cakebread” Wreden, whom I have to thank majorly for letting me have a copy of this game to review.

I feel that the game is very solid and well done, the graphics are stellar for the time, and while they are not next-gen quality, they are perfectly well designed for a game that came from a Half Life 2 mod so many years ago.

The game-play is a strange concept, which goes head on into giving you obvious choices, which not many, if any other games do such things. It is very new ground in emotional puzzlers, but it does it solidly.

The only issue I had with the game was the lack of depth I felt with the main character and the narrator, and while funny, the game is better when the player makes their own back-story out of sheer imagination, something of which I lack.

The game is well worth the price of £9.99 or your local equivalent, and having Steam as the platform of choice to host the game, which is a major milestone of how good the game is to play.

I will not add a score to this game, as I feel that the experience the player has with the game will let them decide if it is for them. If you also don’t wish to go into buying the game without knowing what it is, I fully suggest downloading the free demo, which just gives you a taste of what the game is like, while not spoiling any part of it.

If you wish to purchase the game, please visit: http://store.steampowered.com/app/221910/, The demo is also on that link, so feel free to play that before making a decision.