Videos from a Chinese video sharing site MiaoPai have revealed a working 4.7-inch iPhone 6. While Apple are still setting up for their media event on Tuesday, the big surprise may already have been the ruined. The videos – embedded below – show a larger iPhone being unlocked via Touch ID, the upcoming Health app and a working Camera app.

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The iPhone in the video looks a lot like recent leaks and is probably a working iPhone that somehow made its way out of the factory.

These videos also show some notable features of the upcoming larger iPhone. Users will be able to add a sixth-row of icons onto their home screen – as well as the dock. The 4-inch iPhone’s allow for five rows. The icons seem to be the same size as current iPhones, just with a little bit more space between them and the Passbook icon has been also been changed.

We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out whether this video is the real deal, but it looks pretty legit.

Working iPhone 6
Image Source: MacRumors

SOURCE: MacRumors.