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5: Interactive Notifications

Notifications are a big part of a mobile operating system. In iOS 8 Apple have introduced Interactive Notifications. Instead of opening the app the notification is for, you can take action in the notification banner itself.

All you do is drag the notification down and choose what to do. You can reply to texts, complete reminders, accept Calendar invites and even retweet tweets.

4: Messages

The Messages app in iOS 8 has been greatly improved. You can still send text messages but you can now quickly and easily send voice messages, photos and videos with just one tap.

To send an audio message, just hold the microphone icon down and start talking – swipe up to send it.

To send photos, hold down on the camera icon and swipe up. To take the photo, let go and it sends. Videos are also sent the same way, hold down the photo icon and swipe right. Once finished, let go and the video is sent.

3: The Keyboard

iOS 8 brings a brand new keyboard named Quicktype. The keyboard allows you to quickly and easily send messages by choosing between suggestions that are displayed above the keyboard.

For example, if somebody asks you a question, you can choose between 3 answers that relate to that question. It also has very smart predictive text so it knows what you want to say.

Apple have also added support for thrid-party keyboards for a more customisable experience.

2: Battery Usage By App

iPhones are notorious for having terrible battery life but in iOS 8 you can see how much energy each of your apps is using.

To view these stats, open System Preferences. Then navigate to General, Usage then Battery Usage.

The app taking up the most energy is displayed at the top and then it goes down per percentage.

1: Recent Contacts in Multitasking

With iOS 8, Apple have added the ability to access your recent and favourite contacts in the Multitasking interface.

Double press the home button from anywhere and you will be presented with images of your contacts as well as your open apps. Once you tap on a contact you can either start a phone call, send them a text or start a FaceTime call.