Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Meet Microsoft’s Chromecast Competitor

Google’s Chromecast is by far the most popular HDMI dongle out there but Microsoft will soon be entering the market with its Wireless Display Adapter. [youtube] The device’s premise is the same as the Chomecast; wirelessly sending the thing that you are viewing on your laptop, phone or tablet onto the TV. It also is USB…

Rate this: gets IMAP support

Microsoft has finally announced IMAP (and OAuth) support for users. Outlook users will now be able to view their email from third-party clients like Apple’s and Mozilla Thunderbird. Microsoft have been using its own Exchange ActiveSync for quite some time, but the company has probably felt enough pressure from users to add IMAP support. We…

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Xbox One Controller

Leaked video shows off Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft have been pretty quiet on what the dashboard of their upcoming Xbox One console looks like, but a YouTube user has uploaded a 2 minute video showing what it looks like, as well as the console and the controller. The video highlights how the dashboard works and how games play throughout the interface. Like…

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Nokia Lumia 925 Review

The Lumia 925 is well put together and features an aluminum and soft touch plastic construction that makes the phone feel great in the hand and pretty solid. It has fantastic build quality and there isn’t much give in the phone. Design The right side of the phone is where you will find the volume…

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Microsoft Points are dead

Microsoft Points now dead thanks to an Xbox 360 Update

Microsoft has finally officially killed off it’s Microsoft Points currency thanks to a new Xbox 360 update. Now, this is a good thing. I always found myself constantly buying Microsoft Points as they came in very awkward increments so I always had to get more to buy another thing off of the marketplace. Now if…

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Windows Phone Surface N – A Concept, Done Right

I recently made the switch to Windows Phone from Android, and since then I have been glued to everything WP related and have been following a wealth of sources to see what’s happening in the world of Windows Phone. This kind of caught my eye though whilst on the browse today eating lunch. The spectacular…

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