Lavolta Monitor Riser Review

[youtube] It’s no secret that monitors take up a large amount of desk space. The Lavolta Monitor Riser aims to fix that. It’s made out of hard plastic and comes in either black or white. The stand does require some assembly, but it’s pretty easy. All you do is slot the L brackets into the…

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Top 5 iOS 8 Features

Top 5 iOS 8 Features (Video)

[youtube] 5: Interactive Notifications Notifications are a big part of a mobile operating system. In iOS 8 Apple have introduced Interactive Notifications. Instead of opening the app the notification is for, you can take action in the notification banner itself. All you do is drag the notification down and choose what to do. You can…

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Hyperlapse App Review

Hyperlapse is a simple way to create smooth stop-motion time lapses directly on your iOS device. The app itself has a very simple design, you can easily see what your shooting, with a full screen video preview and a button that starts and stops the recording. Once recording, the app displays how long you have…

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Xbox One Controller

Leaked video shows off Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft have been pretty quiet on what the dashboard of their upcoming Xbox One console looks like, but a YouTube user has uploaded a 2 minute video showing what it looks like, as well as the console and the controller. The video highlights how the dashboard works and how games play throughout the interface. Like…

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Nokia Lumia 925 Review

The Lumia 925 is well put together and features an aluminum and soft touch plastic construction that makes the phone feel great in the hand and pretty solid. It has fantastic build quality and there isn’t much give in the phone. Design The right side of the phone is where you will find the volume…

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Magic Numpad Review

[youtube] The Magic Numpad from Mobee Technology is a brilliant addition to any Apple trackpad. The Numpad is a decal that covers the entirety of your trackpad and once you have installed the software on your mac, it turns into a powerful Number Pad that can be activated at a touch. The package comes with…

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